Race Team-

These are the dogs that will be hitting the trail during  this winter's races.

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Archer is a tremendous leader. He is usually quiet but when you go to leave a checkpoint that all changes, he cheers the team on to hit the trail!
Bolt is named after Olympic athlete and world record holder Usain Bolt. He often runs in lead. This dog loves being loved on and enjoys getting and giving hugs.
Kevin is part of the Minion litter (Bob, Stuart and Margo) and will be 2 years old this February. He's a smooth trotter who takes his job seriously.
Henry is an Iditarod veteran and a Kobuk 440 champion! He's a gentle dog but a strong leader.
Smokey is one of the largest dog on the team and is also one of the sweetest. He gets along well with everyone.
Sponsored by- Jeff and Sarah K., MN
Ghost is a sweet girl with a bit of attitude (take your eyes off her for a moment and she chews her neckline). She is small is stature but makes up for her size in heart- she is a steady dog that regularly leads our team.
Melvin is a big dog and can sometimes be a troublemaker. He is strong and his power is an asset when running towards the back of the team.
Durant is a great up and coming leader. He drives hard at the front of the team and is learning the "gee-haw" commands.
Cannonball can come off as shy but he is a determined dog who is always working hard. He has a lot of experience on the trail and trains hard.
Cloud is a happy and energetic dog that runs on the main team. She is the largest female in the kennel and the mother to Fog.
Super loves to mush! He is a very eager leader.
"Big Bob" is a big guy! He is part of the Minion littler (Stuart, Kevin and Margot) and is fun to watch run. Bob has a flawless gate and a lot of power!
Dane loves to eat. He has a really good attitude and is one of the dogs on the main team.
Colt is another big boy and likely is the heaviest dog in the kennel. He runs in wheel. Colt is a 2018 Iditarod finisher.
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Eskimo who was once a wheel dog as he has gained experience he is now one of our leaders and is thriving in his new role!
Teddy is a nice dog but sometimes he can be a grump (we can all relate to him). He is a tough and steady and one that I am happy to have on the team.
Parker enjoys his breakfast more than anyone else in the yard! He is a great asset to the team with his smooth gait and work ethic.
Moses is runs lead well. He is the smallest dog on the team but works as hard as everyone else!

Sponsored by Lee and Larry Raspotnik!
Millie is a very mellow dog until it is time to go and then her strong spirit shines through. Millie is own by our friend and musher Mike Williams Jr.
Rawhide is and extremely hard worker and is a nice addition to the kennel. He's owned by Barbara and Raymie Redington (Ryan's parents). Rawhide finished the 2017 Iditarod on Ryan's team in 14th place.
Simba is a dog with incredible, speed, power and drive. Fun dog to have on the team!
Rolo likes to go fast. He was on Ryan's 2019 Iditarod team. He stands out in the kennel because he is one of the few dogs that has a more traditional Huskey appearance.
Watson is one of our lead dogs. He's got eyes like a wolf with a mostly mild but sometimes wild side. Watson is a Kobuk 440 champ!
Splint is becoming a great leader. He was part of Ryan's championship Kobuk 440 team in 2019 and is the only dog in the kennel with bi-colored eyes (one blue and one brown).
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Fog is the youngest dog in our kennel. She was the only pup in her litter. Fog's parents are Cloud and Smokey.
Foxtrot is an amazing "gee-haw" leader. He will be teaching the pups the commands. Sponsored by Sawyer, Hazel, Meghan and Cody M!
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Pups and Retirees-

The retirees are an important part of the kennel as they teach the young guys all they need to know! It is very rewarding to watch the pups grow and join the race team. Click on their photo to read  to read more about them. 

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Teddy is a nice dog but sometimes he can be a grump (we can all relate to him). He is a tough and steady and one that I am happy to have on the team.