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Sponsor an Iditarod Mile

Sponsor an "Iditarod Mile" on this year's race for $20. Mile sponsors receive a team photo personalized by Sarah and recognition on our website.

Thank you to our 50th Anniversary 2022 Mile Sponsors: 

Jewelers of the North Shore, Kathie Germon, Bonnie Foster, Northern Wolf (UK), Lenny Palmer, Kat Kenai, Jill Beaudin, Janet Appleton, Diane Whipkey, Joy Chavez-Mapaye, Manuel Flores, Sarah and Kyle Merrill, Zachary Zon, The Fritz family, The Durand family, The Nillos family, The Walker family, The Cook family, The Larson family, Jaden Wimberley, The Szumski family, The Roth family, The Goldman family, Pat and Melodie Ahern, Perry, Glen and Pam, Jim Stroner, Linda Sobel, Golt Gomas, Cam Gomas, Phil and Sally Bave, Barnik Dzuinlco, Jenkins Travel, Gabri Deshpachde, Callie Hubble, Sophia Pong, Charlotte Schaurte, Jamie Sims and family, Tina Hutto, Sugar Lahsetti, Vanasa Raparchi, Richard Conerly, Candance Conerly, Madison Canerly, Cewarra White, The Powells, Kathy Stigen, Aubrey, Hazeltine, Tabitha Accethurt, Petty family, Nathan Arnold, Kilmer Srilentan, Hardley, The Thayer family, The Gable-Perina family, Chan family, McGuire, Sprung, Daly family, Dane and Crystal Hursh, Forest family, Kato family, Cramer family, Jeremy and Lauren, Qaddoumi family, Joanna Vogel, Sharon Folmer, Janie Anderberg, Leroy family, Suiter’s and Stuarts, Addison Suiter, Ferndnezz family, Cabner family, David and Christine Surratt, Carly and Conner Richer, Barbra and Jim Carpenter, Hernandez family, Henley family, Munoz family, Capeda family, Jack, Marc Richmond, R Kim Schaefer Family, Jeff Richmond, Daum family, Amanda Duran, Jason Pollick, Goddard family, Valerie and Will Smith, Martha Thomas, Urquidez family, Sebastian Crossen, Alexander Crossen, Rai Baskshi, The Andars, The Jones family, Jim Austin, Erica Solis, Andrea Feucht, The Meerpohl family, Cohen family, Maier family, Hsu family, The Causley’s, Charlotte Black, Montejo family, Francisco J Morales, Cameron M, Matthew Stewart, Viken O, Kevin Kaberna, Trevor Tati, Jeff Beckley, Mike and Beth Shifler, Kristi and Johnny Priola, Moza and Nicole Jojo, The Rittmen family, The Boals family, Bill and Rachel Brandt, Jennifer K, Emily New, Tim and Renee Polito, Diane Whipkey, Tanner Pidborchynski, Cindy Findley, Wallace Hardy, Christopher Beaty, David Glade, Mariana and Fernando Sierra, Pauyio (Tietje), Steven and Celi, Will Cleveland, Yvette Cleveland,  Cooper Carlson, David Carlson, Jack and Jake, Mike, Anna, Jaxson, Mack Hilleren, David, Eric, Alexa and Eric Ross, Tom and Ann Cain, Cathy Huffor, Ybarra family, Bob Gilman, Anita Maruc, Madeline Lee, Jane Hanson, Glen Boyer family, Chad and Lesly, Stan Rocush, Neil Sandha, Bella Rocush, Jack Rocush, Jae and Mamie Master, Lena Ramirez, Salvador Ramirez, Angela Ortega, Nicolas Cornejo, Russell family, Abrugena family, Samantha Carroll, Amelia and Maverick, Michael Reese, Garfield Mortimez family, Brewer family, Lisa’s Hemanns, The Rogers family, Rick and Janet Daigmeault, Samir Bharsa, Jason Schafer, Cybil, Ben, Addison and Tank Bailey, Lamb Insurance Services, Josh Lambert, Anacker Family, Bhat Family, The Mike Wong!, Kristi Palma, Ric Palma, Isaac Ortega, Valeria Ortega, Zoey Diamonds, Miles Murphy, Flore Family, Tripp Family, Lowell Family, Kittredge Family, Olsen Family, Mia and Reed. Bodnar-Cohen, Ashleeha Dakar Soud, Nellie and John Dziema, Karen, Rick, Amelia Lindsey Moulren, Lois Gastelum, Weight Family, Waldron Family, Yantie Family, Gresham Family, Annette Elliott, Susan Craig, Anne and Michael Darrouzer,Mark, Gwen, Jeff and Marina Johnson, Chip and Shanon Baggett, Mike, Christy, Molly and Henry Franklin, Edwards family, Danna, Susan and Jessika Duggins, Nancy Love, Anne Seabrook, Luke Sievert, Kerstin Vallejo, Steven Fook, Steve and Diane Height, Shook family, Copouls Family, Care family, Audrey and Kathrine Le, Chris and Ginger Shields, Jenny Verderg, The Wilson Famiy, The HAASE family, The Martin Family, Paige, Caroline, Grant and Lilly, Dave and Bev Kronholm, Taylor McCord, Lori and Hannah Dolen, Ren and Hrishid Reiko, Kelsey, Dave, Klara, Jack, Greta, Jim and Karen Dixon, Samip Bhavsar, Jason Scafer, Cybil, Ben, Addison and Tank Bailey, Lamb Insurance Services- Josh Lamberg, Anacker Family, Bhat family, The Mike Wong,  Kristi Palma, Ric Palma, Isaac Ortega, Valeria Ortega, Zoey Dimaano, Miles Murphy, Flore Family, Tripp Family, Lovell Family, Kittredge Family, Olsen Family, Mia and Reed Bodrar-Choen, Ashleshea Datarsood, Nellie and John Deiema, Karen, Rick, Amelia, Lindsey Moulron, Lous Gustelum, Eight Family, Waldron Family, Yantie Family, Gresham Family, John Fi Long, Ron Asbill, Eduardo A Lopez, Chrsta F Lopez, Alex E Lopez, The Manion Family, The Chlen-Ruit Family, The Khanwale Family, Peter Family, Natalia, Kilian, Ailey and Caelyn, Brandon and Jennifer Hutt, Caidence, Jackson and Hailey Roberts, Miek and Beth Cooper, Robin Greenfeaf, Penny and Marc Alper, Cass and Chuck Hollis, Matt and Amanda Kelly, Rob and Sally Westra, Nathan , Kristy, Christian, Michael, Rin and Replan McClellan, Bill Uaguer, Sarah and Graham Schweer, Keith Barry, John and MaryAnn Shotts, Ioan and Carys Evans, Nathan and Joanna Chesley, Ken and Jackie Wolff, Essha Kumar, Trostle Family, Janet and Bill, Tess, Claire, Declan and Liam Reily, Adaline and Audra Urbas, Lizz and Laura, Eric and Mckinzey Bellefeuille, Dean Artis, JoAnn Artis, John and Cami Weber, Gabe, Abby and Morgan Will, Daniel and MMM, Hardman family, Augie and Scoto, Eddie and Christina Toms, Tiffanie and Stephanie Sharpe, John E Crowther, Arlene and Green Engornder, Julia and Ludmal Crother, LeLewis Gipp, Taylor and Diane Falcone, Scott, Wendy, Jack and Ethan, Berry and Diana Capoot, Nate and Anna Claire Howard, Mick and Belly Woodcock, Susan , Bob Sodrstrom, Smith family, ashore family, Deker family, The Karnes family, Apple Garth family, the Simions family, The Pritchett family, Jackson Byrd, Otto Byrd, Sophia Johnson, Esperanza Sullivan, Brendeas Saraf, Jenna Saraf, Aria Hollingsworth, Dawson VanDeWater Rowe, Schirato family, The Holden family, Tim and Penny Foster, Julie Tuifel, Ry Rabrication and Welding, Baleno family, Sanmita and John, Megan Kirby, Warner family, Jeff and Wanda Corwin, Stephen and Laura White, Sarah, Diane and Ron Posa, The Wayman family, Zara, Deborah Nathan, Deborah Martin, Brenda Weber, Chris and Chris Andersen, Russ and Lyeana Dulin, Justin Pearson, Mandy Johnson, Jen and Perry, Kevin, Allison, Abby, Ethan Blaketey, Doug and Kim Williams, Brian and Debbi Farmeth

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