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Sponsor an Iditarod Mile

Sponsor an "Iditarod Mile" on this year's race for $20. Mile sponsors receive recognition on our website.

Thank you to our 2023 Mile Sponsors: 

Abby Peel

Adam and Billie Basler Family

Adam and Rachel Roy

Adams Family

Adhis Boucha and Chris Miles

Alastra Family

Alex and cooper Barlow

Alex Topping

Alexis and Olivia Duke

Allard Family

Allyson and Henry

Amber Arnold and Powell Dew

Amber, Ethan, Ryder Merenda

Amy Warner


Andy and Erika Hoversten

Anna Garner

Anne Volkmann

Annie West

Appelhans family

Archer and Oakley Hughey

Arif Joshi

Aris, Teri, Isaac and Hannah Barton

Asher and Indie Treptow

Ashley and Amanda Wingers

Ashley and Jessica

Ava Dillon

Bailey and Caiden Smith

Barb yeagy

Barkowsky Family

Bart Schreiber and Family

Bartlett Family

Batonski Family

Belville Family

Ben Diamond

Bill and Dawn Urban

Bill and Mary Kuehn

Bill, Ben, George Miller

Blake, Diana and Paul Mckinley


Bob and Donna Tomayho

Bob Locy

Braf Holloway

Brandan and Ale Crady

Brandee Shipley

Brennan Belew

Brett W. and Lara P.

Brian and Vicky Nelson

Brian Cariveau & Heather Hadley-Cariveau

Brian, Amy and Emily Blair

Bridger Houser

Bruce Curley and Linda Rapatz

Bryce and Brianne Heywood

Brynn Jackowski

Callen Family

Calley and David Gayre

Carlton and Audrey Gibbs

Carol Link

Carolina Murphy and Sarah Fisher

Caroline Dolan

Carolyn, Charlotte, Todd, and Sammy Smith

Casavantes Miklos Familia

Casey Family

Cathy Merrill

Chari Rice


Chase and Blake McNiesh

Chianetta Family

Chris Polevich

Chris, Melissa, Sidney Bowcock

Christina Fugg

Cindy and Dan Barnum

Cliff Dug

Cooks and Millers

Cooper and Cameron Strobeck

Dan and Cindy Tallina

Daniel, Liz, Bryce, Jax, Quinn and Peirce Beckham

Danielle Glossen

Darcy Paul

Dave and Kim

David and Bonnie Kenison

David and Terrie Snyder

David and Vincent Assisi

Davis family

Davis Family “The Zoo”

Dawn Romanchik

Debbie Hiatt

Debbie Makes


Dennis, Kristine and Gabby Wills

Derick and Gina

Derrick, Tiffany, Savannah and Charley Nelson

Desi and Andrew and Syndey Bleh

Dominic and Maria Laudenbach

Donald Hoyt

Donna Rhodes

Doug and Laura Watts

Doug and Lorraine Odell

Drew and Mindy Brown

Duane, Natalie, Peter, Kevin and Heidi Spence

Eagen Family

Eddie Winrow

Elaine and Steve Hilliker

Elizabeth Rensch

Ellen and Gary

Ellen and Terry Cascino

Emily Renn and Mike Mathieu

Ericka Greene

Erik, Kulia & Elizabeth Boerstler

Erin, Mike and Bryce Sabol

Eve Davies and Addie Vincent

Everette Smith

Fairen Cravens

Finley, Kellen, Griffen, Merritt, Kaitlyn, and Quinn Hoversten

Finn and Liam Daniels

Fitzgerald Family


Fontana Family

Frank and Jill Kearney

Frank and Kelly and family

Gail Beard

Galen and Marlene Schreiber

Gart Romanchik

Gary and Edna Ingram

Gary and Mary Summer

Gary and Sabrina Osterholt

Georgia Kiah

Gilyard Family

Gladden Family

Gordon and Jane Warnken

Grace Sargent

Greenough amily

Greg and Chrisanne Urban

Gregory and Gallant Deacon Winter

H. Powell Dew Jr.

Hacker Family

Haldeman Family

Hayden, Lisa & Ivy Van Warner

Hogan Family

Hughes Family

Hunter and  Kelcey Kayllonen

Imm family

Isabelle Krindhof

Jackie Hamric

Jackie, Michael, Mia Costello

Jaffar Khan

Jagan Sharma

James and Judy Miller

Jan Komata

Jane and Bob Schmidt

Jason and Autumn Vanderhoven

Jason and Jill Assir

Jason and Kristin Schroeder

Jason Everly

Jay & Marnie Masters

Jean and Will

Jeanne Loeseth

Jeff, Amy and Morgan Merrill-McNeal

Jeff, Stacy, Ryan, Evan, Nathan Hill

Jennifer Hannah-Alba

Jennifer, Carolina, Madelyn and Eric Wik

Jerry and Kathy Massie

Jim and Deb Murphy

Jim and Diane Pippel

Jo Roling

JoAn Monacot & Mike Karellas

Joe and Camille Assir

Joel and Kate, Narayanan, Sunitha, Anika

Joel and Kim Clasquin

John and Ana Punzak

John and Cathy Darrah

John and Linda Harrison

John and Stacey Prodoelil

John Sampson

Johnston Family

Jon, Alissa, Elliana and Nicholas

Jones Family

Joni and Bob Atkins

Jordan Bluehdorn

Jorgensen Family

Josh, Amy and Carson Shanks

Josh, Laura and Chelsea Bowman

Joshua Rodriguez

Joshua, Jill, Landon, Kallie and Hayden Penk

Joy and Todd Brower

Joyce Roling

Judy McLearn

Judy Richardson

Kadence Patton

Kailey Family

Kaira and Kian Rodero

Kandis Davis

Karen Berrett

Karson and Kolby Keating

Kate and Ian Flurkey

Kate, Henry, and Andrew Deisseroth

Kathryn and Wes Lopez

Kathy Foltz and John Bailey

Kathy Pan

Katie and Ben Richter

Katie Lamb

Kayal Family

Keegan, Zachary, Logan, Ryan and Jen

Keith ad Megan Mitchell

Keith and Diane

Keith and Kerry Johnson

Kelly Hunt

Kevin and Michelle Hamilton

Kieim family

Kimberly Aquiho

King Family

Kirk and Aaron Waggie

Kirk, Charity, Ruth and Joel Grono

Kirsten Arentzen

Kraft-Sussman Family

Kristen and Jeremiah

Kwon Family

Kyle Werner and Haley White

La Charite Family

Lambert Family

Lana Willard

Lanille and Keith Nosler

Larry and Cindy Munz

Lauren, Zach and Kinsley Boothe

Layla Joshi

Lesinski Family

Lewis Family

Libby and Harris Jones

Lincoln Agen

Lisa Bruceto

Lisa Maciejewski

Lisa S Washington

Lucas and Logan

Lucca Dinelli

Lucy, Cathy and Ben

Luke Chandler

Luke Johnston

Luse Family

Madelyn and Austin

Madvin Family

Maggie, Chris and Addie Carr

Marc and Peggy Johnson

Marcia Locy

Maria and Vincenzo Pezzuli

Mark and Gwen Romanchik

Mark and Laura Dyer

Mark and Robin Vanatta

Marlene Raddatz

Marshall Idamriek

Marty and Erlene

Mathew and Morgan 

Matt and Sara Johnson

Max, Lexi, Tammi and Malcolm Morgan

McAnuff Family

McCarter Family

Megan and Zach Witkop

Melcher Family

Melissa & Glenn Goldstein & Family

Mia and Ava Lera

Michael and Collen Roslen

Michael, Amber, Kellen, Kiefer, Kemree Pugh

Michelle Shanaman

Mike and Elaine Thomas

Mike Maciejewski

Mike Marra and Max McGlumphy

Mischa Wanek-Libman

Miss McNamara Mrs. Anthony’s Class

Mitchell Woo and Jessica Tow

Morff Family

Nai Bemel

Nancy Schweikhard

Neuwith Family

Noa Libman

Olen, Michila, Misa, and Olen Pepple

Orville racers

Pam Plummer

Pam Prough

Pam Tepp

Papesh Family

Pat Petrillo

Patrice Dimaro

Patrick and Christine Smith

Patty Bast and Connor Stephenson

Paula French

Paula Watkins

Peg Liberator & Gweynn Hampel

Pegi Owens

Penny Green

Perez Family

Piper Goodwin

Rachana Paralkar

Rachel Akins

Rajiv Rao

Randy and Anne Block

Ray and Elizabeth Duke

Reed Family

Remi Jackowski

Remy and Eddie

Rentz Family

Rhode Webber      

Richard and Kim Wiedrenbeck

Rick and Suzanee Nelson

Riley Lane

Robin, Jeremy, Zoe, Regan Scott

Robin, Kim & Taylor Ryan

Rodney and Karen Roush

Rogove Family

Rohan and Reyan

Ron and Kristy Norris

Ron and Stephanie Hicks

Ron Libman

Rossi Family

Roy and Debbie Lemaire

Roy and Nancy Miller

Rubinstein Family

Ruenies Family

Russ and Heather

Rutkowski Family

Ryan Hunsucker

Salyers Family

Salzetti Family

Sam and Julie Darrup

Sanchez, Mando and Sylvia

Santos Family

Sanza Family

Savannah Evans

Savannah, Hannah, Shane Welch

 Schneefuss Family

Schwan Family

Shane, Lauren and Asher Mertens

Shanon & Daniel

Shayne Bailey

Shelia and John Smith

Smith Family


Steph and Sadie Green

Steve & Karen Miehard

Steve and Linda Hadley

Steven and Marisa Horwath

Steven and Penni Hardin

Steven Lewis

Stimatz Family

Sunshine & Ken Wilson

Susan Estes

Susan Webb

Sydney and John Boenzi

Tammy and Keith Miyashiro

Ted and Jeanne Urban

Ted, Diane, Nathan, Eric, Sydney Zabel

Terrance, Kim and Sophie Strohkirch


Theodore Baldassaro

Tho Family

Thomas and Emily Natale

Thompson Family

Tim and Retha McGlothin

Todd, Liz, Luke and Anna Burris

Tom and Tina McNeal

Tom, Lori, Tyler, Brooke and Jake Trotta

Velma Alaniz

Victoria Koski

Vikas, ManJusha, Raj and Sura

Vundrak Family

Wec Black

Wever Family


William “The Cannon”

Wingate Family

Wm. T. Dougherty

Wylder Taylor

Young Family

Zachary Brois

Zara and Haris Baig

Zsling Lu

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