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Race Team-

These are the dogs that will be hitting the trail during  this winter's races.

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Archer is a tremendous leader. He is usually quiet but when you go to leave a checkpoint that all changes, he cheers the team on to hit the trail!
Rumba is an amazing sled dog. She has an outstanding amount of intelligence and drive. She is one of the main leaders of the team.
Granite is a solid team dog. He is big, powerful, and one of the happiest dogs on the team.
Super smart, gee-haw, leader Battleship is Eve's favorite dog! He loves kids and the two of them will relax on top of the dog house together.
Durant is a great up and coming leader. He drives hard at the front of the team and is learning his commands.
Ibaka is a steady dog. She does her job so well she can run with anyone on the team. She is also an up and coming leader.
The largest dog on the team, Smokey is also one of the sweetest. He gets along well with everyone.
Sponsored by- Jeff and Sarah K., MN
Zip loves people! She will do anything to get some petting. She pulls well and gets along with everyone.
Moses is runs lead well. He is the smallest dog on the team but works as hard as everyone else! Sponsored by Lee and Larry R!
A younger dog, he is a determined dog who is always working hard. He is training to be a leader.
.Parker enjoys his breakfast more than anyone else in the yard! He is a great asset to the team with his smooth gait and work ethic.
Captain Crunch
One of the stars of the team. He is a super wheel dog who never stops pulling.
Sponsored by Barbara, Jim, and Family, CA
Always dependable, Ladd has made it to the finish line of all the races he started. He has a smooth trot and never gets tired.
Noisy but a rockstar, Quincy is a great new addition to the team. He runs near the front of the team.
Amy- Photo to come.
Amy ran Iditarod. She can be shy at times but is a tremendous leader. She loves those who she gets to know.
Hedgehog- Super athletic, he is always driving hard and wanting to go another mile. Loves to eat!

Thanks to the Schmidt family for loving Hedgehog!
Friendly, happy and eager to please. Ran Iditarod in 2018.
Simba is a dog with incredible, speed, power and drive. Fun dog to have on the team!
Lady is a bit reserved but is one of the hardest working dogs on the team. Pound for pound, she may be the strongest dog on the team.
Rory (left)- An Iditarod veteran, he is a great leader that will add a lot to our front end this season. Super driven dog!
Thanks to AFS for supporting Rory!
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Grr (pictured on the right) is the oldest dog in the kennel. He is a steady and true leader who is always dependable.
Foxtrot is an amazing "gee-haw" leader. He will be teaching the pups the commands. Sponsored by Sawyer, Hazel, Meghan and Cody M!
Olaf- One of the three pups from the "Frozen" litter. Biggest of the bunch with lots of energy!
Sven- One of the three pups from the "Frozen" litter. Spunky with lots of attitude!
Thanks to Randy and Tish for sponsoring Sven!
Elsa- She and her two brother make up the "Frozen" litter. Most reserved of the three but has the most sass!
Kevin- part of the "Minions" litter. Loves everyone!
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Retirees and Pups-

The retirees are an important part of the kennel as they teach the young guys all they need to know! It is very rewarding to watch the pups grow and join the race team. Click on their photo to read  to read more about them. 

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