Past seasons:

Races and Results 


John Beargrease Marathon: Ryan 2nd place, Sarah 3rd place

Jr. Iditarod: 1st place *Morgan

Goose Bay 150- 5th place Sarah

Iditarod: NEW PR- 7th place

Kobuk- 1st place (only team to complete all the miles due to dangerous trail conditions)


Gunflint: Ryan 1st, Erin 4th

Cub Run: *Sawyer 1st, Eve 1st, *Hazel 2nd, TJ 1st

John Beargrease Marathon: Ryan 1st, *Keith Aili 2nd

Beargrease 120: *Sarah Rookie of the Year

Apostle Island- *Meghan 3rd (10 dog),*Cody 4th (8 dog)

Klondike: Ryan 3rd

UP200: Ryan 2nd, Erin 4th

JR Iditarod: *Julia 2nd

Iditarod: Ryan 8th (new PR)

Kobuk: CANCELLED due to COVID-19


Gunflint: Ryan 1st, Erin 3rd, Sarah 6th

Cub Run: *Sawyer 1st, *Hazel 13th, Eve 16th

John Beargrease: *Jason 3rd, Ryan 6th

Apostle Island- Sarah 2nd (10 dog), *Meghan 10th (8 dog)

UP200- Ryan 3rd, Erin 4th

Iditarod- in the best interest of his team, Ryan scratched at Shaktoolik (mile 777)

Kobuk 440: Ryan finished 1st and won the Dr. Rodger Gollub Rookie of the Year Award


Gunflint Mail Run- 1st place

Cub Run- Eve's 1st race, she placed 3rd

John Beargrease Marathon: 1st place and Humanitarian Award




Gunflint Mail Run: 1st place

John Beargrease Marathon: 2nd place and "Rookie of the Year"

Iditarod: 14th place and the "Most Improved Musher"

* represent mushers that ran a team of dogs from the

Redington Mushing Kennel


2020 John Beargrease Sled Dog Marathon Ryan Redington with lead dogs Henry and Ghost


2020 8th place Iditarod finisher

(a new Personal Record for Ryan)

Kobuk champ 2019.jpg

Kobuk 2019 Champion and Dr. Rodger Gollum Rookie of the Year Award-

Ryan Redington